Stiftelsen för verkningshistoriska studier
Vaikutushistoriallisen tutkimuksen säätiö
Foundation for Research in Effective History
Stiftung für wirkungsgeschichtliche Forschung
Fondation de recherche en histoire efficiente

Asianajotoimisto/Advokatbyrå Lindgren & Mitts
Pohjoisesplanadi/Norra Esplanaden 33 A
FI - 00100 Helsinki/Helsingfors


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The Helsinki Trialogues   Die Helsinki-Trialoge   Les trialogues d’Helsinki

The Foundation for Research in Effectivce History has organised events on tradition, theatre, history and natural history. For time being the focus is on the Helsinki Trialogues with the general title To Understand What is Happening / Das Geschehende verstehen / Comprendre ce qui arrive. These events are trilingual, but German and French contributions are translated into English. Eminent representatives of the foundation's thematic areas give short lectures on a certain topic, discuss with each other and with the audience. The first trialogue on The Historicity of Understanding was held December 5th, 2009 and the speakers – Françoise Dastur (Paris/Nice), Arbogast Schmitt (Marburg) and Samuel Weber (Evanston/Chicago) – as well as the audience seemed to be quite enthusiastic. Another event had as it's topic The Limits of Making with important contributions of Emil Angehrn (Basel), Nicolas Davey (Dundee) and Manfred Sommer (Kiel). A discussion with Silja Rantanen (Helsinki), Henry Bacon (Helsinki) and Jan-Ivar Lindén (Helsinki/Heidelberg) about Werner Herzog's The Wild Blue Yonder was organised after the projection of the film in the Finnish cinematheque. A trialogue on memory is on it's way and an English anthology based on the trialogues will be published.

Centre for Historical Ontology – Zentrum für historische Ontologie – Centre d’ontologie historique

Work is being done in order to create a Centre for Historical Ontology as a joint institution between the universities of Heidelberg, Helsinki and Leuven, enabling different research projects concerning issues of historical ontology.
An international multiple congress Aristotle today – Aristoteles heute – Aristote aujourd'hui with colloquia in several countries will take place 2016 and one of the events will take place in Helsinki June 9th-11th, 2016.


Several classical texts in other languages are not available in Finnish and Swedish. One ambition of the foundation is to render these works accessible. For the moment translations from Greek have priority. As a way of celebrating the anniversary – Aristotle 2400 years – the foundation is engaged in a project to publish the first Swedish edition of Aristotle's  Metaphysics.


In future the foundation will also organise other cultural events.




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